Intro to SaaS Stocks

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Intro to SaaS Stocks

Dividend Cultivator
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Dividends are fantastic.

But in my opinion they’re not the best investment to get rich. That title belongs to disruptive growth stocks.

Software as a Service (SaaS) companies are some of the best performers over the last decade and there are fundamental reasons why.

Invest in Disruption

If you’re a capitalist, then you have probably heard of creative destruction. New technologies and developments necessarily replace old technologies and make them redundant.

We’re in the midst of a software revolution and it behooves investors to at least think about how to invest in these innovative software companies.

Why Listen to a Dividend Cultivator?

My formal education is an MBA with a finance emphasis and spent several years building financial models.

Currently, I’m a software engineering VP so it's my job to evaluate and implement many SaaS tools including some of the top performing SaaS stocks in the last several years. As someone who was in leadership of a 9 figure software company, I know intimately how SaaS companies manage their business and financials.

$100k+ in Returns on a Handful of Investments

I’ve invested in a number of great companies with solid results over the years.

* Shopify: 1300%

* Twilio: 1300%+

* Appfolio: 500%+

* Atlassian: 400%+

*  Zoom: 400%+

and so on.

My relative SaaS portfolio returns have been strong as a result

* 2018: 58%

* 2019: 48%

* 2020: 128% 🔥

* 2021: 17% YTD (As of Feb 8)

What you Get

In this course I’ll break down

1. Why you want to invest in companies like these

2. How they’re managed from an insider’s perspective

3. How to find opportunities

4. How to evaluate SaaS companies fundamentally

5. How to enter and exit as an investor

Simplified SaaS Investing

If you’re confused about how a company with negative earnings, non-existent P/E ratios, and an Enterprise Value to Sales ratio of 55x is appreciating at 100% a year, then this course will help you understand it.

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You'll get an 82 page guide filled with actionable tips to help you get started understanding what drives SaaS business performance.

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