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Dividend Cultivator Web App

18 ratings

Dividend Cultivator Web App

Dividend Cultivator
18 ratings

You're busy.

You invest in dividend growth stocks.

But you have no time to fiddle with 10 different tools to get you the dividend growth stocks at the right price that are worthy of your investment dollar.

Look no further. 

Powerful Dividend Tools to Save You Time

I've worked with over 40 dividend growth investors as beta testers in the last two months to get feedback on what are the most important features that make the research phase of dividend investing 10x easier and faster. Here's what they asked for.

✅ Powerful stock screening on dividend-focused metrics, industry/sector, and more

✅ Saved screens and filters to reuse for different investing goals

✅ Customized columns for screening

✅ Key statistics at a glance

✅ Dividend and Price/Yield history

✅ Financial Statement history and trends

✅ Up-to-date News articles

✅ Watchlist

✅ Access to US exchange traded stocks

✅ Dividend email notifications

✅ Helpful email support

An Intriguing Roadmap

📝International stocks

📝Powerful position tracking with sector/industry allocation

📝Alerting on financials, dividend events, and metrics

📝More coming soon..

Satisfaction Guarantee

I want you to be happy with spending your hard-earned money. This product should save you time and give you mental peace. I've done business long enough to know that sometimes that maybe isn't the case. So you can cancel anytime by reaching out to dividendcultivator@gmail.com. I'm always willing to refund the latest billing cycle if you aren't satisfied.

Kaizen, Continuous Improvement

Software is living and breathing. Stopping feature development and maintenance is not an option. Therefore, you will have increasing value over time, but the price of your membership will never go up.

Start Researching Now

The app is integrated with Gumroad, so as soon as you sign up, you will receive an invitation email from dividendcultivator@gmail.com to verify your account. Be sure to check your spam if you don't receive it in your primary inbox. Activation unlocks all of the features that are currently available.

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Happy Investing!

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You'll get access to the Dividend Cultivator Web Application, 300+ stocks and growing, email notifications, recorded videos and more.


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